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Tips and Tricks for Moving With Kids

Mon, 07/22/2013 - 23:00 -- Laura

Are you moving soon? The ladies here at Victoria Mom gathered their tried and true tips and tricks for moving with kids! 


  • Good for having a quiet house to pack
  • Keeps them out from underfoot on move day


  • Get the kids to help pack appropriate boxes such as toys or clothes
  • Put some toy boxes in your childs new room and let them unpack as you handle bringing in other boxes and unpacking


  • Give your child some crayons or markers and let them mark which boxes go where such as blue dot for kithen, green dot for bathroom   
  • While you are unpacking organizing set your child up somewhere safe and have them color pictures for the new house.

Special Bag

  • A move can be upsetting for some kids, packing a little bag or suitcase so special comfort items or favourite activies are easy to find. Will relieve your childs stress and yours!


  • Most of us pack the kitchen last, Having snacks on hand will save you digging for food before and after the move!


  • Keeping the same routine before and after the move will help provide kids with comfort and a sense of familiarity in a time that can be stressful.

Extra Boxes

  • Kids can play and familiarize themselves while you organize and pack
  • They can be used to make believe in their new bedrooms while you hurry around trying to make the new digs feel a little more like home!

Have any ideas to add? Leave your tips and tricks in the comments sections below.


Sue wheatley's picture
Submitted by Sue wheatley (not verified) on
We are moving next week - YIKES! Perfect timing for the article. I am hoping that by hiring movers my life will be a little easier. Also very thankful for grandparents!

Laura's picture
Submitted by Laura on
Oh gosh Sue, we are moving too! I figured someone else had to be moving as well so why not share my tips. We hired movers this time too, there was no way I was going to pull off a move on my own with two kids!!! Best of luck in your move :)