I have to go back to work earlier than I thought. How will I cope?

I have to go back to work earlier than I thought. How will I cope?

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I am so tired, I know new Mums are but I am struggling to see a full day thro!!! DH just got another knock back for a interview he went to so this means its looking more and more likely I will have to go back to work after Christmas – 4 months earlier than expected. I honestly don’t know how I will cope?!! I hate my job – sales is just not me anymore and being away from DS – not where I want to be! I prob sound spoilt but I didn’t want to become a Mum that went back to work to early….

It’s easy to project into the future, and very hard to have faith that things will work out when you are feeling exhausted by new motherhood. There is every likelihood that DH will be hired very soon and you will have your full maternity leave to enjoy.If Sales isn’t you anymore, what are your options regarding a career change? What would you really like to do? What would your ideal life look like?

Spending some time focusing on these questions may unearth some alternatives for you.
I’ve been where you are – I was in ad sales when I had my daughter and went back to work when she was five months old. I must say, while I was sad in one sense to leave her with others, I also got immense pleasure from that grown-up time and the office banter!

In terms of new motherhood – I can assure you that it certainly does get easier, and you will find your groove. Remember it’s not about being perfect, just good enough!Answered By: Lizzie works in the media and is mother to a three year old boy and six year old girl, also stepmother to ten year old girl! Recently separated from her husband. Trained as a Doula, Life Coach and Youth Worker – passionate about improving outcomes for all from conception to adulthood!

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