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Fernwood NRG

Parent and Tot Drop-in
Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30-11:30am
Suitable for ages 0-5
Come and join other parents and their babies/toddlers/young children in a fun yet relaxed space. There is story time, opportunities for parents to interact with other parents, and for the wee ones to play. Healthy snack will be provided, and cost is by donation $2

1240 Gladstone Ave
Victoria BC
V8R 1R9
250- 381-1552
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Rose's picture
Submitted by Rose (not verified) on
It's a really great playgroup spot, it's just too bad that the woman who runs it is only friendly to a select few parents. I've tried several times to go only to have to leave because she was so unfriendly to myself and the kids. It wouldn't hurt to smile at the kids or give a "hello" to parents as they came in.

admin's picture
Submitted by admin on

Oh no, it is not nice at all to not feel welcome.... Do you ever make it over to Oaklands? Bev is the leader there and makes an effort to speak to each and every newcomer - Editor

Sarah's picture
Submitted by Sarah (not verified) on
We went today for the first time and it was lovely. Chatted with some Moms and felt totally welcome.

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Submitted by Rachel (not verified) on
Fernwood has a dad's group on Tuesday nights with dinner and open discussion. Contact Greg at 250-381-1552