Multiple Births

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The need for support and resources as a parent is essential, but what if you have unique needs, what if you are a parent of multiples? Here in Victoria we are lucky enough to have wonderful resources. If you are the parent of twins, triplets or more look no further.

Here are the local resources for Greater Victoria:


  • Online support network, run much like the Facebook platform
  • Support groups for various challenges parents of multiples may face
  • Market place for items to be bought and sold
  • Walking and special interest groups to facilitate connections between parents of multiples
  • New Parents Meals program meals delivered to your home in the first days after birth

NIMBY  (not in my backyard, a playgroup)

  • Located at Burnside Gorge Community Centre, run every second Friday
  • Run by Vancouver Island Multiple Birth Association
  • Open to parents of multiples and expectant parents of multiples

Kids Mega Sale 

  • Held 4x a year at Pearkes Arena
  • Chance for parents of multiples to sell and buy items (clothing and equipment alike) that have been outgrown, is open to the public
  • Is a major fundraising event for VIMBA which is a not for profit organization
  • Opportunity for parents of multiples to also raise some funds for their respective families

Multiple Births Canada 

  • Support networks available for parents and families of multiples and unique challenges they may face
  • Articles from parents and professionals alike on education about multiples
  • Latest information and news about Bill C-464, and the changes being lobbied for changes to Parental Benefits for parents of multiples
  • Holds an annual retreat each year for multiples families

Twins, Triplets, and More

  • Comprehensive guide compiled by the faculty of nursing at UBC
  • Lists of resources and educational groups province wide
  • Information and education on multiples pregnancy and parenthood

Multiple Life 

  • Online community for parents of multiples across Canada and the United States

Other Local Resources

Doulas of Victoria

  • Birth and Postpartum Doulas
  • Postpartum Doulas come in handy in those first weeks after birth for extra in home/hospital support and education

Single Parents Resource Centre

  • Community Cupboard
  • Baby and Child items for free for parents in need
  • Support and counselling
  • Various parenting programs

Young Parents Support Network

  • Outreach and support programs
  • Pre and Post natal programs and education
  • Free online store
  • Naturopathic clinic