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Oh Yes, It's Ladies' Night!

Okay so hands up if you do girls night every once in a while.

Please tell me you all have your hands up. Girls time is important. Just as it was in high school, a bit of time spent laughing with your besties is often the best medicine for us frazzled moms. But hey for the introverts out there, you just keep on doing your thang. Whatever makes a girl happy, makes us happy.

If you do get the occasional friends only nights, what do you like to get up to here in Victoria?

Here's our top five ideas, but we sure would love to hear yours.

  1. Healing and Alternative Therapy Sessions - open your mind! For those westcoasters who love to indulge in the alternative, a visit to Nazli Khosravi is a beautiful Friday night. Breath workshops, sound meditation, Shamanic journeys, tarot readings and more, there is a real sense of community in the classes Nazli offers. And this is one place where you can go in a group or solo. Everyone is welcome.
  2. Music Bingo - great for a small group of friends, music bingo is a laugh whether you're a hardcore muso or just want to have fun. There are lots of music bingo nights around town including the Strathcona on a Monday, My Bar at the Hojo on the Gorge on Wednesdays, and the Ross Bay pub on Fridays.
  3. The Friday Quiz - one of the most popular nights in town when it was at the Fort Street Cafe, the word on the street is that it's set to return! The Copper Owl is going to be the place to be for some bizarre questions and crazy humour. Teams of four required.
  4. Stay at Home - no really. Hosting an at home party is one of the best ways for us moms to have a night with our friends without having to worry about leaky boobs, paying babysitters and expensive drinks! It's also the greatest way to connect with other moms working in our community. Our recommendations for at home parties include;
  • Grace Adele - if you love fashion and clothes, the Grace Adele purse parties are a lot of fun. Here you can build your own bag from lots of different designs and accessories.
  • Steeped Tea - which may sound strange and like we're entertaining in the '40s but is actually super fun and the tea is delicious. The Steeped Tea reps know how to host a tea party.
  • Tell Mia - one of Victoria's more sultry at home party option. Not smutty at all, the Tell Mia reviews are always glowing with how comfortable Michele helps her party goers feel. You will learn, you will most certainly laugh and you will probably let your hair down and buy something pretty exciting.
  • Stella and Dot - now if you like jewelry, you will fall over yourself for Stella and Dot. If you haven't already! Gorgeous pieces in all price ranges, this is a popular at home party for moms in Victoria.

        5. Karaoke - you can hit Sopranos, but if you sound like our local Orca when you sing, then head to Lotteria Karaoke on Yates. This is where you get a private room a la Lost in Translation.